Horse of the Year Show International Wild Card Qualifier Incorporating The British Showjumping Business Partnership International Stairway Final

Adrian Speight with Millfield Baloney took the title in the British Showjumping Business Partnership International Stairway Final 2023, to become the British Showjumping National Champion and take the first of the Horse of the Year Show Wild Cards of the day. When asked about his round, Adrian commented, “I thought the round went mighty well! He’s been jumping very well lately. He’s had a great season so far. He’s 17 but it’s like he’s getting younger. He’s just a machine, absolutely fantastic and knows his job inside out!”

After their victories in classes 10a and 10b, Mark Edwards and Flying Tinker II came 6th in the British Showjumping Business Partnership International Stairway Final, ultimately becoming the Show League and the International Stairway League winners. “Flying Tinker has done really well in the first round, we were just unlucky with the one pole down in the jump off,” Mark explained. “I’m still really pleased with how it went. He’s a super horse and we’ve had a super week. Some venues you just seem to have a bit of luck at, and this seems to be one of those venues for me. We’ve got a super team at the moment which makes life much easier when we all try really hard. I definitely prefer a big arena, but you’re still focusing on the course trying to overcome the challenges the course builders set. Marlene Edwards, Flying Tinker’s owner, is watching at home. She’ll be really happy and without the owners we wouldn’t be able to do it. Now it’s all roads lead to HOYS!”

The next HOYS Wildcard of the day went to the highest placed under 25 rider in the Show League, Nicole Lockhead Anderson and Christian Street (Tina). When asked about her round, Nicole commented, “she jumped amazingly well. She had a really unlucky fence in the jump off but she’s still new to this level and a new ride of mine. She just keeps getting better and better. I’ve got some lovely horses that I ride for TW Stables, and I’m very lucky to have had such a successful year so far.” She continued, “She’s a 10-year-old mare, she’s very feisty and she likes going fast. I’ve only been riding her for about a month so we’re still getting to know each other, but I think she’ll be a really good one in the future!”

With Mark Edwards’ Gold League victory, the International Stairway League HOYS Wildcard gets handed down to Helen Tredwell, and the Show League HOYS Wildcard goes to Paul Barker. Well done to all the competitors, and we look forward to seeing the wildcard recipients at HOYS 2023!

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